Willamette Valley Color, LLC is a boutique retouching studio focused on partnering with creative agencies, art directors, producers and photographers to generate, modify and prepare images for all media. Working with ad agencies, publications, in-house marketing groups, designers and photographers, we create beautiful, media friendly images.

Services include creative retouching, photo illustration, technical retouching, photography (including product swaps), raw image bulk processing, color separations, proofing, bitmap to vector, artwork redraw, on set consultation/digital tech and more.

Collectively and individually we have created images for many well known brands including Adidas, Sony, Apple,Banana Republic, HP, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, O Magazine, Converse, Dryers, Swiss Army, Fortune Magazine, Nestlé, Leica, Golf Digest, Nissan, Kendall Jackson, Nike, Toyota, Verizon, Skype, Gerber and others.

WVC is located just a few minutes from downtown Portland at the Milepost 5 Lofts. Milepost 5′s spaces, infrastructure, and programming are designed for Portland’s creative community: flexible, work, live and commercial space in a community environment that fosters creative pursuits and artistic engagement.

The two-acre campus in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood is divided between two re-purposed, re-developed buildings: The Lofts and The Studios. With around 140 tenants—including residents, work-spaces, and small businesses — Milepost 5 is the largest community of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.